Perspectives & Resources


Gloria Ladson-Billings

Donna Ford

Zaretta Hammond

Geneva Gay

Perspectives and Resources Initial Task 

Review the theories of the individuals listed above and develop a graphic organizer of how the four theories relate.  In your Penzu journal, reflect on the similarities and differences of these models.

Perspectives and Resources "Area" Tasks

**Complete all of the following tasks in your Penzu Journal.

AREA #1: Relationships (.52 effect size- Hattie, 2012)

Relationship Tasks 

Step 1: Watch the following TED Talk by Rita Pearson.  How does her message pair with the perspectives of the four Culturally Responsive researchers you read about in the previous task?


Step 2: Review the following list of ways to generate trust.  Choose at least one trust generator and explain how you could work to incorporate this trust generator into your own educational environment.


AREA #2: Learning Environment  (.90 effect size- Hattie, 2012)

Learning Environment Tasks

Step 1: Look at the following list of micro-aggressions that can "sneak" into the classroom.  Choose four micro-aggressions from the list and explain how they would negatively impact the creation of culturally responsive relationships.


Step 2: Read the article on becoming a warm demander.  While the relationship building of a warm demander is important, consider the impacts being a warm demander have on a learning environment.  How could being a warm demander help you keep micro-aggressions out of your classroom?

AREA #3: Curriculum (.41-.74 effect size- Hattie, 2012)

Curriculum Tasks

**Choose the curriculum area most closely related to your role.  You are welcome to look through all of them if you want! 


1. Academically and Intellectually Gifted

2. Exceptional Children

3. English Learners

Extra Resource-Extra Task!

Review the following protocols that apply to all areas of curriculum Reflect on how you could use these protocols in your classroom.