Inital Thoughts

Initial Thoughts Reflection Task 

Look at the Cultural Iceberg and Culture Tree figures.  Write a reflection in your Penzu Journal on how you currently perceive these figures, what elements of culture stood out to you in each of the figures, and the similarities and differences you perceive between the diagrams.

Build Your Background Knowledge on Culturally Responsive Teaching:


Task #1

SO.....What is CRT?

  • Task: Watch the following videos [video 1 and video 2] and compose a definition of Culturally Responsive Teaching in your own words.  Put your response in your Penzu Journal.

NOTE: There are many ways to define Culturally Responsive Teaching.  The goal of this module is to help participants understand the foundational beliefs of CRT used to form the multiple definitions available.

Task #2

SO.....Why is CRT important?

  • Task: Watch the video shown below.  As you listen to the students and the teachers, explain in your own words WHY Culturally Responsive Teaching is important.  Put your response in your Penzu Journal.

NOTE: Pay attention to how the voice of both teachers and students in this video brings them together in an empathetic relationship.