Essential Questions to Consider throughout the module


  • Are you AWARE of your cultural mindset?

  • How could you USE culturally responsive mindset to improve practices?

  • Why is having a culturally responsive mindset SIGNIFICANT to student achievement?

Before you begin, set up a Penzu Journal for note-taking and reflections throughout this module.

Click here for directions on how to set up a Penzu Journal.

CHALLENGE [Complete this activity before proceeding to other sections of the module!]


Challenge Task #1

Perceptions of Events: Using the Mindset Protocol analyze one of the following scenarios.  Consider the scenario through the eyes of both the teacher and the student.  

  • Write your responses to the Mindset Protocol in your Penzu Reflection Journal.

  • You MUST complete the Mindset Protocol on ONE scenario in your journal, but are encouraged to think through the Mindset Protocol for all scenarios..

  • When you respond to the Mindset Protocol, reflect on how BOTH the teacher and student would perceive the situation.

Challenge Task #2

Looking Into the Mirror: Once you have completed the challenge, view the following video.  

Are you Biased- I am. Video

  • In your Penzu Journal, write a short reflection to share emotions, thoughts, questions, or concerns you had while watching the Are You Biased- I Am video. 

Are you biased? I am | Kristen Pressner | TEDxBasel